Andrew Tate Arrest Report

Andrew Tate Arrests Complete Reports, False Accusations?


This will be a full readthrough of what happened with Andrew Tate being under custody for Human or Sex Trafficking. All the details are hereby either taken from their official Social Media Accounts or Trusted Sources. In the following details, Andrew Tate could be referred to as Tate, Top-G, and Greta Thunberg as Bot, Pawn, or Matrix’s bot.

How It All Started

So it all started with a Twitter clash between a Matrix Generated Bot called GRETA THUNBERGand “Andrew Tate when TOP-G tweeted on December 27, 2022, about his 33 supercars and carbon dioxide emmiting cars, mocking their false idea of climate change along with asking Greta’s Email address in the last section of the Tweet.

The Matrix’s bot-generated a tweet in which she said that “yes, please do enlighten me. email me at” which was obviously a lazy and violent reply to such a serious problem. She not only body-shamed Top-g but even commented that he should get a life after wasting her own away on a brain-washed idea purported by the matrix. Obviously matrix algorithm kicked in and promoted her tweet with bot-generated likes, retweets, and comments.

Greta’s Reply

The BOTs were shown winning until TOP-G tweeted a video on 29, December 2022 in reply exposing the matrix and Greta.

In the video, a non-recycled pizza box was shown, which he used to mock the Bot(Greta) again and succeeded. After Tate was arrested the Romanian authority claimed that they confirmed Tate was in Romania through the pizza box shown in the video which was completely made up. The authorities already knew that he was inside but needed an excuse to barge in and raid completely innocent people for false accusations.

Tate Laughing

Andrew is shown Laughing in a Video with the Agents as even agents know how absurd it is to even try to capture the TOP-G.


Full Raid Video

This is the full raid video released by The Guardian,

While The Mainstream media is trying to use this opportunity and spread false ideas and accusations about TOP-G. Andrew Tate is being referred to as Misogynist, Rapist, Homophobic, and Toxic Masculinity Ambassador. While Claiming to spread light over the truth, the Modern and Traditional Media referring him with all the spicy names that they can think of without any truth in them. Not even one of the allegations is yet proven to be true but still according to the media’s propaganda of “Until proven Innocent, Guilty” he’s being referred to as everything that a sick mind can think of.

Andrew’s Final Words

“The Matrix has attacked me”

These were the only official recorded words from Andrew Tate on his arrest

Andrew’s Online Activity

After the arrest, Andrew Tate’s Only been active on Twitter and tweeted several tweets. If Tate is Still in Jail then.

  • Somebody else is tweeting on Behalf Of Tate
  • Tate have access to his Gadgets
  • He is not in jail
  • He scheduled all this

What’s Gonna Happen Next?

There are only going to be two things that can actually happen in this situation. Either Andrew Tate will rise again more powerful than ever, or he will go complete downfall. His popularity has only grown after the arrest and his message is being spread even at a faster rate which shows that if Andrew Tate gets out of this mess then he will completely obliterate Matrix in 2023. He will surely learn from his mistakes and stay in a country like Dubai.

The chances of Andrew Tate’s Downfall are 15%-35% but even if they do succeed in silencing him they will not be able to silence his message. According to Tate Matrix is now broken and many people are woke.

As leftists are enjoying their own Hidden Defeat, They will never have the consciousness to even know what will happen to them listening to Matrix. They will continue to take pills, Dye their hair pink, and Have no personal existence.

All of Andrew Tate’s Fans are waiting for his freedom and his view on the situation.

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