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The power that your mind posses is unknown to 100% of people reading the blog including me who experienced only about 2 percent manifest, of this power. By the end of the blog, you are going to find out why most highly successful people believe in God, Manifest, Listen to intuition and resist the programming fed to them by society it is mostly called manifest or manifestation but in this blog, you are going to learn something different.

In this particular blog, I am gonna talk about this power of manifest in a way so that your rational and discriminatory mind can understand it and you can take actionable steps and to explain it the best we have taken the help of the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, It’s recommended to read that book as it’s gonna provide some in-depth insights.

In a very simple explanation through this very famous quote

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

“It was not the reality that made you think that you are good or bad at certain things, It was the thought that turned into reality” – Me

Whatever you have ever achieved was once a thought in mind, of which the mind calculated all the odds and if’s possibilities and directed you toward the goal

That is the common default neural pattern of most humans but the problem is that in modern society this system or mechanism is set to think against humans or negatively as it is not controlled.

As most of the population is not living a healthy life, attention spans are at an all-time low, and High dopamine kicks can be achieved in 1 minute through modern technology. All those advances that were made to make out lives comfortable had let our minds numb because of which we don’t actually input anything on the mind’s mechanism so it automatically goes on auto-pilot which by default will work against you.

For Example, A modern man (who is considered normal in the modern world) when looks towards a beautiful woman, and imagines himself getting rejected in his mind, his own mind will show him all the possible negative outcomes in which he may get rejected, and then if he still approaches the girl the imagination that he had in his mind will come true 90% of the time.

In the book Psycho-cybernetics, it is referred to as the Mind’s Servo Mechanism

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Observation To Make

Try to observe the mind and see what it imagines in certain situations like when a new opportunity arises what does it imagine in your mind, before performing a particular task what are the thoughts in the mind along with the outcome.

Your Mind Can Also Work For You

Just like the situation discussed above where we by default feed our Servo Mechanisms against us most of the time. But we can make it work for us if by practice we shift it from autopilot and go manual by inputting our own outcomes and imagining our own desired outcomes about which we are gonna further talk about the ways to actually input those right outcomes in mind but before that, these are some important things that you should acknowledge

1. Mind cannot differentiate between Reality and Imagination

If you imagine the goal in your mind very vividly with all the sensations you have through your rational mind know that it is only imagination but the Mind’s servo mechanism cannot differentiate between reality and imagination and it will feel as if it is already happening. What it will lead to is that you will live your end goal and you will act like your successful version would act and do what your perfect version would do in a certain situation.


2. Servo mechanism can only be fed in terms of the end goal

Servo mechanism work on trial & error basis once you input the end goal it will calculate how to achieve and alter your personality or neuron activity to achieve that goal


3. This Mechanism works on Trial & Error Basis

Once the end goal is correctly inputted your servo mechanism will first scan back your already present data in your mind and you will change until the desired goal is achieved.

For Ex: You imagine being funny in front of a girl or a group of friends you feed in mechanism the visualization of you being funny then your mechanism will scan through your mind of how a funny guy or playboy would make them laugh and if you are not caught up in a thinking blackhole you are going to be funny and it will manifest. All that would happen in a flow-state if something doesn’t work servo mechanism will correct it with new variation until positive feedback is recognized.


4. Once Positive feedback is recorded it is remembered for future use

Once positive feedback is recorded all the past negative feedback are forgotten by the mechanism and positive feedback will be remembered for future use so that old mistakes can’t take place twice. you will go through multiple variations until you reach your end goal.

Ways To Alter Your Reality or manifest

1. Imagine the end goal

Just like every time in any situation, our mind by default will imagine it first then we’re gonna manifest it into reality

For eg: While going through the park you see your old school friend now before going to approach him/her you will subconsciously imagine how you are going to do that and it can be either positive or negative which by default depends upon your current external environment.

Most modern beings are gonna imagine negatively most of the time which all of us are very good at manifesting. but it is in your control that you feed your mind to the right outcome or final goal and imagine it vividly before sleeping create a movie of your being what you want to be and play it again and again till you fall asleep. By doing this you are inputting in your mind to end goal you want to achieve which will lead the mind to calculate how to reach that goal.

2. Feel It as if it already exists

Just by imagining there may already be this feeling but if it is not present then it can be created by feeling how would it feel if the goal is accomplished. Feel it so vividly that the mind can’t differentiate between real and imagined. The feeling may be small but the most important part as without it, it is as good as affirmations without a destination.

3. Stop Your Rational Mind Reject It

The rational mind which can also be called the short-term thinking mind may reject your end goal, you aspire to be a millionaire your rational mind will reject it as you have neither done the work nor sees any possibility of that happening, Just Like this mind will reject 80% of the possibilities that are set in your mind but only if you believe that it is possible you are going to actually make progress in it. That’s why it is better to neither doubt your mind nor believe anything it shows just take what is actually worth giving a thought upon and filter everything out.

4. Quite the back in the head Lil Bich

There is a limiting belief that is present in all of us, for some of us it is louder than others cause after you have imagined and felt what you want to be in your everyday life this Lil bich may raise its voice but the good news is that the moment you recognize that Lil bich voice which lets you down you have done 90% work in quieting it too. Just recognize when you are building yourself up and when you are building yourself down, keep the upward thinking and reduce the downward thinking.


The Scientific Explanation Of How it works


If you want this to work and manifest then forget about the question of how. this is similar to the practice of manifestation which doesn’t have any explanation of how it works but works. the spiritual or magical part of it can’t be explained but the psychological part can be.

In computers when we expect a certain result we search for something and it scans through existing data that matches the most with the query and shows us our desired results just like that When you input your end goals in mind through imagination, affirmation, or any other means, your mind’s servo mechanism will start calculating how to reach that end goal.

The servo mechanism works below the level of consciousness so the way to reach or manifest the final goal may come at any time as it is calculated in the subconscious mind even when you are asleep. Once you know the way you take action on it and you will start your journey to conquer that goal. To explain how the spiritual part of it works Everything will fall in place, and you will be able to connect the dots and drift towards your goal.


It is just a matter of belief, whatever we believe will be true for us and will be manifested in some form, so rather than letting beliefs be constructed by the external situation we should take control and construct our own beliefs which will lead us to do unexpected things, unimaginable things. But the key to performing unimaginable and unexpected things is to first imagine and expect them from the core of your mind.

By these, you will be able to direct your mind about the place where you want to end up in. You will be able to manually control the flow of your life.

The topic is very briefly explained in this blog post and as I want to spread the knowledge as much as I can here are some book recommendations that will talk about the concept even further.

If you want to learn about it in a scientific way in which your mind can easily understand the concept the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maltz Maxwell will be the ideal book.

If You want to learn it in a spiritual way or a way that your modern mind may reject, this concept is similar to the book The Law of Assumption by Neville Godard.

Both of the books are teaching the same thing but in different ways. I personally think that both conclusions are the same just different approaches. For me, the spiritual way and scientific way both have worked but the spiritual one required less conscious effort and happened more with a flow.

Either way, you have to acknowledge the fact that you are the master of your own destiny and you can decide how and where you want to live your life for this limited time period on earth.

Now you possess the required knowledge but knowledge without action is as good as a pen without ink so apply this knowledge and see if it works or not, if not then learn more and try until you crack the code.

Good Luck

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